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Alia Bhatt, the Bollywood sweetheart and social media sensation, has once again taken Instagram by storm with her latest post. The actress shared a heartwarming picture on October 24, 2023, featuring herself as a child and her mother, Soni Razdan. The photo captioned 'On your birthday I look back at one of my birthdays..' is melting hearts all over the internet.

In the adorable snapshot, little Alia can be seen sitting on her mother's lap. The reason? Well, it turns out that Alia was terrified of an inflated Godzilla at her birthday party. Talk about facing your fears head-on! But hey, who needs a party when you have your mom's lap as the ultimate safe haven?

The post quickly garnered attention from fans and celebrities alike. Alia's comment section flooded with heartfelt messages and birthday wishes for her mom. One user, @sonirazdan, couldn't help but express their love and adoration for Soni Razdan, writing 'Thank you my sweetheart light of my life and centre of my lap is yours always and so is my love.' Aww, how sweet!

Even fellow Bollywood stars joined in to wish Soni Razdan a happy birthday. Karisma Kapoor (@therealkarismakapoor) wrote 'Happy birthday Soni aunty,' while filmmaker Zoya Akhtar (@zoieakhtar) simply commented 'Happy Birthday Soni.' It's heartening to see the industry come together to celebrate this special occasion.

But amidst all the love and well-wishes, there's always room for some playful banter. Natasha Poonawalla (@natasha.poonawalla) chimed in with a short and sweet message, 'Happy Birthday! Loads of love!' And then there was @heyjayarajput, who couldn't resist poking fun at Mahesh Bhatt, writing 'Happy Birthday but never forget Mahesh dalle.' Oh, the joys of family dynamics!

Alia's Instagram post not only showcases her adorable childhood but also highlights the strong bond she shares with her mother. It's evident that Soni Razdan holds a special place in Alia's heart. The caption speaks volumes about their relationship, as Alia expresses her gratitude for her 'mothership' and acknowledges that they would be nothing without her.

As expected, fans couldn't get enough of this heartwarming tribute. The comment section is overflowing with love for Alia and Soni. One user wrote, 'This is the sweetest thing I've seen today,' while another commented, 'Mother-daughter goals!' It's safe to say that Alia Bhatt has once again won over our hearts with her candid and heartfelt Instagram post.

Alia Bhatt continues to captivate her fans with her genuine and relatable posts on social media. Whether it's sharing glimpses from her personal life or promoting her latest projects, she knows how to keep her followers engaged. With each post, she gives us a glimpse into the world of a Bollywood superstar while still maintaining an air of authenticity.

So here's to Alia Bhatt for reminding us of the importance of family and cherishing those precious moments with loved ones. Happy birthday to Soni Razdan, and kudos to Alia for making us laugh and feel all warm and fuzzy inside with this delightful Instagram post!

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