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Alicia Silverstone, the iconic actress who stole our hearts as Cher in Clueless, is making waves on Instagram once again. This time, she's showing her support for a charitable organization called @supportandfeed. In a recent post, Alicia shared a photo of herself with two other people, along with the caption: "@supportandfeed does incredible work - they feed people in need and they do it with food that is sustainable and truly healthy and they support small businesses - plant based restaurants - in the process." Well, isn't that just delightful?

But hold your horses, folks! As always, the comment section is where things get interesting. One user named @seeking.shiva had some strong words to say: "What a load of sh*t. Not one has posted about the genocide." Ouch! That's gotta sting. It seems like not everyone is impressed with Alicia's choice of charity.

Another user, @conandoyle6097, chimed in with a more diplomatic approach: "Alicia you're such a good person and I've been a fan since ever but would you please use your platform to speak about the #genocide that's happening in Gaza. Human rights are as equally important as human rights. Thank you 🌻" Well said, @conandoyle6097!

Of course, there are always those who can't resist spreading some positivity. User @dr_zhivagoo simply commented: "Cute!!! ❤️" Short and sweet, just like Alicia's post.

And let's not forget about the die-hard fans! User @queball323 gushed: "U truly are the best of all time Alicia..we love u." Aw, how sweet! It's always nice to see some love in the comment section.

Now, let's dive into Alicia's actual post. She starts off by praising @supportandfeed for their incredible work. According to Alicia, they not only provide food for those in need, but they also focus on sustainability and supporting small businesses, specifically plant-based restaurants. Well, that's certainly a cause worth supporting!

Alicia then goes on to share her personal connection to the organization. She had the privilege of doing an Instagram Live with @maggiembaird, the brains behind this project. And ever since that fateful day, Alicia has been a firm believer in their work. She even gives a shoutout to Maggie's kids, @BillieEilish and @Finneas, who apparently share the same values as Alicia. #kinddiet and #kindmama for the win!

To wrap things up, Alicia throws in a little PS about the delicious vegan sushi and drinks she enjoyed at the event held at Niku Nashi. Yum! And if you're curious about the evening itself, just swipe through Alicia's post to watch some videos from the special night.

So there you have it, folks! Alicia Silverstone is using her platform to support a worthy cause and spreading some positive vibes along the way. While not everyone may agree with her choice of charity or feel that she should be addressing other pressing issues, it's clear that Alicia is passionate about making a difference. And hey, who can resist some cute photos and videos? Keep doing you, Alicia!

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