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In a surprising turn of events, Hollywood heartthrob Chris Hemsworth took to Instagram to share a thought-provoking post that has sparked quite the social media frenzy. The Australian actor, known for his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, shared a screenshot of a tweet from his brother Luke Hemsworth, accompanied by a powerful caption.

The post, shared on October 13, 2023, features an image with the text 'If women were fighting for the right to have a say in parliament about issues that affect them directly...would you vote No? I don't think there should even be a vote. The first people of Australia deserve a voice. #yes.' It seems that Chris is lending his support to the ongoing struggle for indigenous rights in his home country.

While some fans applauded Hemsworth's stance and praised him for using his platform to raise awareness about important issues, others seemed to miss the mark entirely. One comment from user @samantha.armstrong.97 attempted to redirect the conversation, stating, 'Guys this has nothing to do with Israel and Palestine. There’s other countries dealing with their own issues right now.' Well, Samantha, thanks for pointing out the obvious! It's always good to remind people that not everything revolves around one specific conflict.

Another comment from @afreen.siddiqui01 brought up the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and urged Hemsworth to 'Stand for all the oppressed and Free Palestine.' Ah yes, because every celebrity's Instagram post must address every global issue at once. Maybe we should just rename Instagram 'World Crisis Weekly' and be done with it.

But amidst all the noise and irrelevant comments, one user named @calming_calamity managed to sum it up perfectly with their comment, 'The zero relevant comments is wild.' Indeed, it seems that the internet has a knack for going off on tangents and completely missing the point.

It's important to note that Hemsworth's post is not about international conflicts or any other country's issues. It's about giving a voice to the indigenous people of Australia, who have long been marginalized and silenced. As an Australian himself, it's only natural that Hemsworth would want to use his platform to support his own country and shed light on the struggles faced by the first people of Australia.

While some may argue that celebrities should stay out of politics and stick to entertaining us with their acting skills, it's refreshing to see someone like Hemsworth using their fame for a good cause. Whether you agree with his views or not, you can't deny that he's sparking conversations and raising awareness about important social issues.

So let's take a moment to appreciate Chris Hemsworth for using his Instagram account for more than just shirtless selfies and vacation photos. And maybe, just maybe, we can all learn something from this whole debacle: read the caption before commenting!

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