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In a surprising turn of events, pop sensation Dua Lipa has revealed her latest literary obsession: Gabriel García Márquez's iconic novel, 100 Years Of Solitude. The announcement came through an Instagram post shared by SERVICE95 on September 19, 2023, where Dua Lipa can be seen engrossed in the book while wearing a trendy turtleneck. And let me tell you, folks, this isn't just any ordinary book; it's a classic that has been keeping Dua entertained for what feels like an eternity.

The post has garnered quite a bit of attention, with fans and followers flooding the comments section with their thoughts. One user, @sergioandresmn, sympathetically wrote, 'Entiendo a Dua Lipa porque lleva como cinco años leyendo ese libro.' Translation: 'I understand Dua Lipa because she's been reading that book for like five years.' Ouch! Looks like Dua might need to pick up the pace if she wants to finish this literary marathon anytime soon.

But it's not all criticism and teasing in the comments. @julian_correa15 proudly exclaimed, 'VIVA COLOMBIA 🇨🇴 VIVA FALCAOOO.' Ah, yes, the Colombian pride is strong in this one. Gabriel García Márquez was indeed a Colombian literary genius, and it seems like his work continues to inspire and captivate readers from all around the world.

And speaking of inspiration, @duolingoespanol chimed in with an offer to help Dua Lipa read the book in Spanish. 'Yo te enseño a leerlo en español, bebé,' they said. Translation: 'I'll teach you how to read it in Spanish, baby.' Well, Dua, if you ever need a language tutor, it looks like you've got a volunteer ready and waiting.

In her caption, Dua Lipa expressed her excitement about choosing 100 Years Of Solitude as her Monthly Read for October. She described the novel as an 'incredible' work that had put her under a spell. And who can blame her? García Márquez's storytelling is known for its fantastical elements and intricate weaving of reality and imagination.

Of course, Dua Lipa didn't shy away from acknowledging the challenges of navigating the Buendía family tree. She admitted that at times, she had to find her way through the many Aurelianos and José Arcadios that populate the seven generations in the book. But hey, getting lost in a literary labyrinth is all part of the fun, right?

As Dua delved deeper into the pages of 100 Years Of Solitude, she found herself reflecting on profound themes such as love, war, familial bonds, and the consequences of modernity. And let's not forget about solitude—the central theme of the novel that has undoubtedly struck a chord with Dua Lipa's own experiences as an artist.

So there you have it, folks. Dua Lipa has joined the ranks of Gabriel García Márquez enthusiasts and is immersing herself in the magic of Macondo. Whether she finishes the book in five years or less remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure—Dua Lipa knows how to appreciate a good story.

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