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In the latest episode of 'Celebrities Trying to Be Healthy,' we have Gisella Anastasia, or as she is known on Instagram, @gisel_la. The Indonesian singer and actress recently shared a photo on her account, tagging @reda.manthovani. The caption reads, 'Lari sore membicarakan rencana rangkaian acara Adhyaksa International Run yang akan diadakan tahun depan, sambil belajar banyak dari Bapak @reda.manthovani mengenai filosofi hidup yg didapatkan melalui lari, maupun kebiasaan sehat lainnya yang beliau bangun dan jalani selama ini.. Terimakasih Pak.. sehat selalu dan diberkati semua yang dikerjakan dan direncanakan🙏. #roadtoadhyaksainternationalrun #blessed #grateful.' Oh boy, where do we even begin with this one?

First of all, let's talk about the photo itself. It appears to be a group shot of 12 people with some text overlaid on it. Riveting stuff, Gisella. Truly groundbreaking content. But hey, who needs creativity when you can just tag someone and call it a day?

Now let's move on to the comments section, shall we? Our first comment comes from @adi.ratnaa who seems to be in desperate need of some weight loss tips. They write, 'Serius nanya gamau lagi halu halu ingin cari cara nurunin berat badan sama ngilangin perut bergelambir gimana caranya 😭🙏🏻.' Oh Adi, if only we had the answer to that eternal question. Maybe Gisella can share her secret with us?

Next up, we have a comment from @followshoop.idn4 who apparently thinks this is the perfect opportunity to promote their Instagram follower services. They write, 'MANA SEMPAT KEBURU TELAT!! 1000 foll 20rb 2000 foll 35rb 4000 foll 50rb Sedia foll shopee dan tokped juga! Untuk YOUTUBE dan TIKTOK juga ada lohh!!✨.' Well, at least they're honest about being shameless self-promoters.

Moving on, we have a comment from @ny_lennyy who shares a hilarious anecdote about their own weight loss journey. They write, 'Mama giselll adalah potret aku dimasa depan saat berhenti haluu😂😂 @gisel_la tiap hari aku lari pagi dan sore tp gk kurus jg malah tambah gemuk ,pas sadar ternyata aku lari 2 langkah sambil nyemil telur gulung 20 tusuk 🤣🤣🤣.' Oh Ny_lennyy, we feel your pain. Who knew that running and snacking on egg rolls simultaneously wouldn't lead to instant weight loss?

Our next comment comes from @gab.ran_ who simply writes, '👏👏 keren.' Short and sweet, Gab_ran_. We appreciate your enthusiasm.

And finally, we have a comment from @siongyou74 who seems to be promoting an upcoming marathon event. They write, 'Next Citraland Marathon 10 Des 2023 HM Surabya.' Well, at least someone in the comments section is staying on topic.

So there you have it, folks. Gisella Anastasia's Instagram post about her evening run and the profound life lessons she learned from @reda.manthovani. We can only hope that one day we too will find enlightenment through jogging and maybe even discover the secret to weight loss while snacking on egg rolls. Until then, we'll just keep scrolling through Instagram for more entertaining celebrity content.

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