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Move over, Willy Wonka, because Hailey Bieber is here to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings with her latest Instagram post. The model and entrepreneur took to the gram to announce the arrival of a new limited edition peptide lip tint in the delectable flavor of jelly bean. And let me tell you, folks, this news has got tongues wagging faster than a dog chasing its tail.

In the photo shared by Rhode Skin on November 22, 2023, we see Hailey looking as stunning as ever. She's rocking flawless makeup and hair that could make Rapunzel jealous. But what really caught our attention is the poster and magazine in the background, featuring the Chinese characters '成 rhode.' Now, I don't know about you, but I'm not fluent in Mandarin, so I'll just assume it says 'Buy this lip tint immediately or you'll regret it for the rest of your life.'

Now, let's dive into the comments section because that's where all the juicy gossip lies. User894602 seems to have some concerns about the texture of Rhode Skin's lip treatments. They're not mincing their words when they say, 'please fix the ingredients so it is not grainy due to temperature changes.' Ouch! Looks like Rhode Skin needs to step up their game and smooth out those rough edges.

But wait, there's more! User894602 strikes again with another scathing comment. This time they're disappointed in the grittiness of Rhode Skin's lip treatments and suggest people should opt for Summer Fridays or Naturium instead. Shots fired! It seems like Rhode Skin has some serious competition on their hands.

Not everyone is throwing shade at Rhode Skin though. Jbiebertraacker is over the moon with excitement, exclaiming, 'I never ordered something so fast!!!' Well, well, well, looks like someone is a die-hard fan of Hailey Bieber and her lip tint. I hope they have a strong jaw because they're going to be doing a lot of smacking those lips together.

Meanwhile, tinstagrm seems to be feeling a little left out. They lament, 'Everyone managed to get the birthday duo except me.' Oh, the FOMO is real! Don't worry, tinstagrm, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate your birthday. Like eating an entire cake by yourself. Trust me, it's liberating.

Lastly, we have not.ellenpli airing their grievances about Rhode Skin canceling their orders and unhelpful customer service. Oh no! That's definitely not what you want to hear when you're eagerly waiting for your lip tint to arrive. Rhode Skin, you better get your act together before not.ellenpli starts a riot.

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