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In the world of social media, a single post can send fans into a frenzy of speculation and excitement. And that's exactly what happened when Lalisa Manobal, better known as LISA from the K-pop group BLACKPINK, shared a mysterious photo on her Instagram account. The photo, posted on October 25, 2023, features Lisa wearing a stylish hat and posing outdoors. The caption includes the hashtags #CELINEBYHEDISLIMANE and #CELINEHELOISE, leaving fans wondering what connection Lisa has to the luxury fashion brand Celine.

The photo itself is undeniably stunning, with Lisa looking effortlessly chic in her ensemble. But it's the comments section that really caught our attention. One comment from @celine.woman simply reads 'CELINE GIRL ❤️🔥,' suggesting that there may be a collaboration or endorsement deal in the works between Lisa and Celine. Could Lisa be the new face of Celine? Only time will tell.

Another comment from @knomjeankulamas adds a touch of humor to the mix, saying 'น้องจะทำพี่เป๋าฟีบตลอดไม่ได้นะคะ 555555 ใช้อะไรก็อยากซื้อตามตลอดดด 😝' which roughly translates to 'I can't resist buying whatever you wear, sis! 😝' It seems like Lisa's fashion choices have a strong influence on her fans, who are eagerly awaiting any news about her potential collaboration with Celine.

Of course, no Instagram post is complete without declarations of love from fans. @julia_norre expresses their adoration with a simple 'WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH,' while @kkoocfcf confesses their confusion when they see Lisa in anything other than stage outfits, saying 'صرت استغرب لما اشوفها بملابس' or 'I get surprised when I see her in regular clothes.' It's clear that Lisa's fashion choices have made a lasting impression on her fans, who are always eager to see what she'll wear next.

As for the hashtags in the caption, #CELINEBYHEDISLIMANE and #CELINEHELOISE, they provide some clues about the potential collaboration. Hedi Slimane is the creative director of Celine, known for his edgy and modern designs. Heloise is one of Celine's iconic handbag collections. Could Lisa be involved in a campaign for Celine's Heloise line? Or perhaps she's collaborating with Hedi Slimane on a new collection? The possibilities are endless.

While there's no official confirmation yet about Lisa's involvement with Celine, this Instagram post has certainly sparked excitement and speculation among fans. With her undeniable fashion sense and global influence, it wouldn't be surprising to see Lisa making waves in the world of high fashion. Whether it's as a brand ambassador or a collaborator, we can't wait to see what the future holds for Lisa and her potential partnership with Celine.

In the meantime, fans will continue to eagerly follow Lisa's Instagram account for any updates or hints about her fashion endeavors. After all, as @lisa.best_ comments, 'CELINE GIRL ❤️🔥.' And we couldn't agree more.

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