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In a recent Instagram post, soccer superstar Leo Messi (@leomessi) shared a heartfelt tribute to his journey in the sport, thanks to @gatoradearg. The post features a photo of eight bottles, each containing soil from the pitch in Rosario where Messi first kicked a football. Talk about taking a piece of your roots with you!

The caption of the post reads, 'Gracias a @gatorade por estas 8 botellas que incluyen tierra de la cancha de Rosario donde pateé una pelota de fútbol por primera vez. Un hermoso homenaje a todo el esfuerzo y sudor que puse en mi carrera.' Translation: 'Thanks to @gatorade for these 8 bottles that include soil from the pitch in Rosario where I first kicked a football. A beautiful tribute to all the sweat that's gone into my career.'

Now, let's dive into some of the top comments on this post. First up, we have '@gatorade' themselves, commenting, 'the Messi magic continues 🪄 (by @gatorade).' Well, it seems like Gatorade is just as excited about this collaboration as Messi himself!

Next, we have a comment from '@fereshtehmm1987', who takes a slightly different approach. They write, 'Condemn Israel and do not participate in the unjustly shed blood of Gaza children.' Woah, talk about bringing politics into a soccer post! Let's hope Messi doesn't get caught up in any controversies here.

Moving on to '@alexander2vv', who seems to be predicting some heavy rainstorms. They comment, 'Preparen sus ☔☔☔ que se vienen fuertes inundaciones, desde el 30/10/23 los lloros serán eternos y cada vez serán peores😭...' Translation: 'Prepare your ☔☔☔ because strong floods are coming, from 10/30/23 the cries will be eternal and they will get worse and worse😭...' Well, that's quite the weather forecast! Let's hope Messi has his raincoat ready.

Now, let's lighten things up a bit with a comment from '@fran'. They ask Messi, 'Cuantas queres compartir?? 💙💛💙' Translation: 'How many do you want to share?? 💙💛💙' It seems like Fran is eager to get their hands on one of those special bottles!

Lastly, we have a comment from '@hsn.mokhtari', who takes a more serious tone. They write, 'You support a usurping regime, and with your support, that regime gains international popularity and acceptance, and by means of international acceptance, bombards thousands of people without guilt or guilt. You have an indirect role in kil*ling the people of Gaza. Please, Israel. Do not support.' Well, it looks like not everyone is thrilled with Messi's choices when it comes to endorsements.

Overall, this Instagram post from Leo Messi showcases his gratitude towards @gatoradearg for their special tribute. It's always interesting to see the different reactions and comments that celebrity posts receive. Whether it's excitement, political opinions, weather predictions, or simply wanting to get their hands on some memorabilia, fans certainly know how to make their voices heard!

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