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Lindsay Lohan, the queen of comebacks and iconic movie references, has once again graced our Instagram feeds with a post that has us all laughing and applauding. The Mean Girls star took to social media on August 2, 2023, to share a photo that had fans buzzing with excitement.

In the picture, Lindsay can be seen posing confidently in what appears to be sleepwear, while holding up a package of postpartum underwear from @fridamom. And let me tell you, she looks absolutely stunning! It's no wonder her fellow Mean Girls co-star, Jonathan Bennett, commented, 'You've never looked more beautiful.' Well said, Jonathan!

But it wasn't just Jonathan who had something to say about Lindsay's post. One fan couldn't help but point out the clever reference to Lindsay's iconic movie, Mean Girls. '@marcusmitchellll' commented, 'Love the Mean Girls reference! Iconic.' And we couldn't agree more! Lindsay knows how to keep her fans entertained with her witty nods to her past roles.

However, it was the comment from @fridamom that really caught our attention. They wrote, 'From Parent Trap to parent, you look amazing 😍 - in our underwear of course.' Talk about a clever marketing strategy! Not only did they compliment Lindsay on her postpartum body, but they also managed to promote their product in a humorous way. Well played, @fridamom!

In the caption of her post, Lindsay expressed her pride in her body's accomplishments during pregnancy and recovery. She wrote, 'I am so proud of what this body was able to accomplish during these months of pregnancy and now, recovery. Having a baby is the greatest joy in the world!' It's refreshing to see a celebrity embrace the changes that come with motherhood and celebrate her postpartum journey.

And of course, Lindsay couldn't resist adding her signature humor to the caption. She cheekily wrote, 'Because I'm not a regular mom, I'm a postpartum mom.' Oh, Lindsay, you never fail to make us laugh!

It's great to see Lindsay Lohan back in the spotlight and sharing her life with her fans. Her Instagram posts always bring a smile to our faces and remind us why we fell in love with her in the first place. Keep being you, Lindsay!

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