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Move over, Grammy trophy! Maluma just revealed his best prize of the night, and it's not a shiny statuette. In a recent Instagram post, the Colombian heartthrob shared a photo with his pregnant girlfriend, Susana Gómez, and let me tell you, folks, love is definitely in the air.

The caption of the post reads, 'Nadie puede negar que tengo el mejor premio de la noche' which translates to 'No one can deny that I have the best prize of the night.' And what is this incredible prize that has Maluma feeling like a winner? Well, it's none other than his beautiful girlfriend and their unborn child.

Now, let's dive into the comments section because boy, oh boy, there's some drama brewing there. One user named @erikarbelaez21oficial wrote, 'Así debe ser así te deben presumir, así te deben cuidar , el embarazo es el estado más difícil emocionalmente para una mujer y tener alguien que lo apoye y presuma como el lo hace es lo que esta bien en la vida.' Translation: 'That's how it should be, that's how you should be shown off, that's how you should be taken care of. Pregnancy is the most emotionally challenging state for a woman, and having someone who supports and shows off like he does is what's right in life.' Well said!

But not everyone seems to be thrilled about Maluma's happiness. Another user named @gabrielabarriosr_ commented with a hint of sadness saying, 'Me cuesta, me cuesta creer que no seré la mamá de tu primera hija…' Translation: 'It's hard for me to believe that I won't be the mother of your first daughter...' Ouch, that's gotta sting.

However, amidst the envy and bitterness, there are some positive vibes too. User @dimpiso21 wrote, 'La familia es el éxito del éxito hermano.' Translation: 'Family is the success of success, brother.' Well, it seems like Maluma's family is growing and thriving!

And let's not forget about the haters. User @vanemd12 had a message for them, saying, 'veo mucho envidioso y amargado en los comentarios por la felicidad ajena... vayan al psicólogo ❤️' Translation: 'I see a lot of jealous and bitter people in the comments because of someone else's happiness... go to therapy ❤️' Oof, tell 'em!

Lastly, user @ma_rtha1629 chimed in with a simple yet powerful comment, 'Algunas personas les molesta ver FELICIDAD en alguien, pobre, grande el futuro papá.' Translation: 'Some people are bothered by seeing HAPPINESS in someone else, poor them. Congratulations to the future dad!' Well said, @ma_rtha1629!

So there you have it, folks. Maluma may have won big at the Latin Grammys, but his best prize of the night is undoubtedly his growing family. Congratulations to Maluma and Susana on their exciting journey into parenthood!

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