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Move over, world! Millie Bobby Brown is here to dominate and she doesn't care if you think she's too young for it. The 19-year-old actress, film producer, beauty brand founder, and best-selling author has graced the cover of Glamour's global Women of the Year issue, and she's ready to show everyone that age is just a number.

In this stunning photo shared by Glamour on October 16, 2023, Millie looks like she stepped right out of the early 2000s. The halter top, the makeup, the y2k vintage vibes - it's all there. And fans couldn't help but gush over her transformation into a beautiful woman. One fan commented, 'She's grown into the most beautiful woman.' Well, we couldn't agree more!

But that's not all that caught fans' attention. It seems like Millie has a thing for tattoos because in every picture she shows off a new one. Talk about commitment! A fan hilariously pointed it out by saying, 'I love that every picture she shows a tattoo.' Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it!

And let's not forget about her killer fashion choices in this shoot. Many of the clothes are y2k vintage pieces from the year Millie was born - 2003. Talk about nostalgia! One fan couldn't contain their excitement and exclaimed, 'I love that @milliebobbybrown is wearing mostly y2k vintage clothes in this shoot- many of them from the year she was born 2003.' It's like a blast from the past!

As Glamour's Women of the Year cover star, Millie opens up about finding her voice, saying goodbye to Stranger Things, and even getting married young. Yes, you read that right. Millie spills the tea on what it's like to tie the knot at a young age. We can't wait to read all the juicy details!

But let's not forget about the incredible team behind this stunning photo. Photographer @abdmstudio captured Millie's beauty perfectly, while stylist @cryoungin made sure she was dressed to impress. And of course, makeup artist @blakejohnsonmua worked their magic to make Millie shine even brighter.

So, whether you're a fan of Stranger Things or just admire Millie's talent and ambition, there's no denying that she's taking the world by storm. Age is just a number for this young powerhouse, and we can't wait to see what she conquers next!

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