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Move over, paparazzi! It's time for some juicy celebrity gossip from the comfort of your own screen. Our favorite Bollywood sweetheart, Shraddha Kapoor, recently took to Instagram to share a candid snapshot of herself in her sleepwear. And let me tell you, folks, she looks absolutely adorable!

In the photo, which was taken on October 01, 2023, Shraddha can be seen rocking a matching sweatpants and sweatshirt combo. The drawstring waist adds a touch of casual chic to her ensemble. I must say, she knows how to make loungewear look stylish!

But it's not just her fashion sense that caught our attention. The caption of the post had us chuckling too. Shraddha playfully asks her followers to reveal their favorite book, but with a twist - she declares that she won't be reading it! Talk about being cheeky! 🤣

Of course, Shraddha's fans couldn't resist showering her with love in the comments section. One user, @rjabhinavv, expressed their admiration by declaring RD Sharma as their favorite book. Well played, my friend! Another user, @bollywoodnow, took the opportunity to flatter Shraddha by claiming that she is their favorite. Smooth move!

But perhaps the most intriguing comment came from @ikaranaujla_officiail, who mentioned that 'Softly' is trending everywhere. Now, I'm not sure if they were referring to a book or something else entirely, but it definitely piqued my curiosity. Could 'Softly' be the next big thing?

So there you have it, folks - a delightful glimpse into Shraddha Kapoor's sleepwear style and her playful banter on Instagram. Whether she's rocking a sweatsuit or cracking jokes, this Bollywood beauty knows how to keep her fans entertained. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to find out more about this 'Softly' trend. Stay tuned for more celebrity updates!

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