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In the latest Instagram post from the ever-stylish JISOO🪐, the BLACKPINK member has left fans swooning with envy. The photo, shared on October 01, 2023, showcases JISOO in a stunning ensemble, tagging none other than @dior. Talk about high fashion!

The image features two people, with JISOO standing out in a fabulous miniskirt and prairie gentian. It's no wonder that fans couldn't help but flood the comments section with their thoughts on this fashionable moment.

One fan, @dlehdgnl, couldn't contain their admiration and simply commented '선녀님,' which translates to 'goddess' in English. Well, it seems like JISOO has certainly captured hearts with her ethereal beauty.

Another comment comes from @thealiciahannah, who praises JISOO's caption game by saying 'caption flex 🔥🌸.' We all know that a good caption can take an Instagram post to the next level, and it seems like JISOO has nailed it once again.

But perhaps the most poetic comment comes from @_ari1991153, who writes 'You only left essence, beauty and naivety on the streets of Paris 🗼🧚.' Now that's some deep admiration right there. It seems like JISOO has truly made an impact during her time in the City of Love.

As for JISOO's own caption for the post, she writes '꽃향기만 남기고 갔단다 @Dior,' which roughly translates to 'Only leaving behind the fragrance of flowers @Dior.' Well, JISOO, you certainly left a lasting impression with this stunning photo.

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