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In the latest episode of 'Celebrities and Their Lookalikes,' we have Thalia and her husband Tommy Mottola. The couple recently shared a selfie on Instagram that has left fans wondering if they accidentally stumbled upon a mirror. Seriously, these two could pass as twins! But hey, who are we to judge? Love knows no boundaries, not even the boundaries of plastic surgery.

The photo, taken by Thalia herself on November 12, 2023, features the couple beaming with joy in what appears to be a jeep or minivan. They're both sporting hats, seatbelts (safety first!), and parkas, which is quite fitting considering they seem to be embarking on an adventure. Or maybe they just really like wearing parkas in their car. Who knows?

Now let's dive into the comments section because that's where all the juicy gossip lies. One user named @jennifer_cnde took it upon herself to defend Thalia and Tommy from the haters. She wrote, 'I don't know why there are people who use the precious right to freedom of speech to spew venom against others. Live and let live. The gentleman looks good. And so what if he's older? Age doesn't matter when you truly love someone. Beauty eventually fades, but beautiful feelings will last forever.' Well said, Jennifer!

But wait, there's more! Another user with the handle @cfsm21 hilariously pointed out that Tommy looks like he had some work done on his face and now resembles Thalia herself. Talk about taking couple goals to a whole new level! It seems like they share more than just love; they share a plastic surgeon too.

And let's not forget about @olgaperez281, who couldn't resist making a comment about the couple's apparent love for cosmetic enhancements. She wrote, 'Both of them have had so many surgeries, they're out to kill! Neither of them wants to lose.' Well, Olga, it seems like they've found their match in each other. Surgery buddies for life!

Last but not least, @irrrrmmas12 chimed in with a hilarious observation. 'Both of them go to the same surgeon and now they look so alike, they could be twins!' Oh, the wonders of modern medicine. Who needs genetics when you can just go under the knife?

And finally, we have @sanchezmaria1014 throwing some shade at Thalia herself. 'Thalia, you're looking quite old now and don't even resemble yourself anymore.' Ouch! Maria didn't hold back with that one. But hey, beauty is subjective, right? As long as Thalia feels fabulous, that's all that matters.

So there you have it, folks! Thalia and Tommy Mottola continue to defy age and logic with their love-filled selfie. Whether you think they look like twins or not, one thing is for sure: life is all about love. And maybe a little bit of plastic surgery too.

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