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Hold onto your hats, folks, because V from BTS has just posted a photo on Instagram that is causing quite the stir in the fashion world. The picture, shared on October 6th, features V himself, looking as stylish as ever in a leather turtleneck. Yes, you heard that right - a leather turtleneck. Move over, cashmere and wool, because it seems like leather is the new go-to material for keeping our necks warm.

In the photo, V can be seen posing confidently, with his signature smoldering gaze and perfectly coiffed hair. He's tagged two fellow fashionistas in the post - @hongjanghyun and @celine. Now, we all know that tagging someone in a photo means they were there with you when it was taken. So does this mean V was out and about with these two style icons? Or were they simply the inspiration behind his daring fashion choice?

The comments section of V's post is flooded with reactions from fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. One user wrote, 'Leather turtlenecks? I didn't know I needed this until now.' Another commented, 'V always knows how to push the boundaries of fashion. Love it!' It seems like V's bold fashion statement has struck a chord with his followers.

But let's not forget about the caption of the post - 'Ready to go out with @celine @hongjanghyun.' This raises even more questions. Where were they going? And why did V feel the need to mention them specifically? Are they collaborating on a secret project? Or maybe they were just grabbing coffee together and decided to dress to impress.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure - V knows how to make a statement. Whether it's through his music, his fashion choices, or his captivating stage presence, he always manages to leave us wanting more. And this leather turtleneck is no exception.

So, is leather the new turtleneck? Only time will tell. But if V has anything to say about it, we may just see this daring trend take off. After all, if anyone can make leather turtlenecks cool, it's him.

In the meantime, let's keep our eyes peeled for any more fashion-forward posts from V. Who knows what he'll surprise us with next? Maybe a velvet tracksuit or a sequined onesie? Whatever it is, we'll be eagerly waiting to see what this style icon has up his sleeve.

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