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In a recent Instagram post, Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) shared a photo of himself and another person, both dressed in suits and blazers. The caption revealed that Reynolds had received the Order of British Columbia, which he referred to as the 'honour of a lifetime.' Now, I don't know about you, but I think it's quite an achievement for someone who was made in Vancouver. Talk about dumb luck!

But hold on a second! Reynolds quickly clarified that this prestigious award is not a political appointment. Nope, it's just symbolic and holds no real power. So much for thinking he could start making executive decisions like turning Grouse Mountain into a mega slip 'n slide. Sorry, folks, mountains don't work that way.

Apparently, Reynolds got a little carried away with his newfound honor and made some promises to the hardworking folks at Minerva’s restaurant in Kerrisdale and even Tyler from the produce section at Safeway on 4th and Vine. He may have mentioned something about turning Grouse Mountain into a slip 'n slide and making the Vancouver Art Gallery his personal residence. Oops! Looks like he'll have to backtrack on those commitments.

But let's not forget the heartfelt thanks Ryan Reynolds extended to @lgjanetaustin and @davidebybc, as well as everyone on the OBC selection committee. And of course, he couldn't miss an opportunity to give a shoutout to his three older brothers Patrick, Terry, and Jeff, along with his mom Tammy. Family support is everything!

Now let's dive into the top comments on this post because they are pure gold. First up is none other than Hugh Jackman himself, congratulating Reynolds and reminding him of a missed opportunity to turn Grouse Mountain into a slip 'n slide. Classic banter between these two!

Jennifer Garner also chimed in, expressing her happiness for Ryan and mentioning her girl Tammy, who must have been over the moon to have all these incredible people together. We're happy for Tammy too, Jennifer!

And then we have a comment from @angmcs, who humorously points out that Ryan Reynolds is like a Canadian wildlife sighting. You better be quiet and not scare him back to the US! We wouldn't want that.

Last but not least, Nathan Fillion jumps in with a clever reference to an old school rap song. 'You're down with OBC? Yeah, you know me!' Congrats, Ryan! But seriously, what happens when we run out of awards? Food for thought.

All in all, it's clear that Ryan Reynolds knows how to make us laugh even while accepting a prestigious honor. He may have made some promises he can't keep, but hey, at least he's entertaining us along the way. Keep being you, Ryan!

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