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Ryan Reynolds, the man who can make even the most mundane things hilarious, has done it again. The actor and owner of Wrexham AFC took to Instagram to share a photo that perfectly captures his love for the team and their home stadium.

The picture, posted on September 16, 2023, shows a crowd of people gathered at the stadium, with Ryan Reynolds himself in the mix. And what's that? A beard? Check. People playing football and soccer? Double check. It's like a smorgasbord of sports-related goodness!

But let's not forget about the comments section, where fans are showering Reynolds with praise and admiration. One user, @monik583, expressed their excitement about the upcoming season of 'Welcome to Wrexham', a documentary series about the team's journey. They even mentioned being on the last chapter of Season 1 and commended Reynolds for his noble efforts in rebuilding the community.

Another fan, @ewariel, couldn't contain their excitement either and wished everyone a happy season 2. They even added some Welsh flag emojis to show their support. It seems like Wrexham AFC has quite the dedicated fanbase!

And speaking of dedicated fans, shared their love for Wrexham AFC as well as their enjoyment of the new series of 'Welcome to Wrexham'. They applauded the team for their superb start to the season and couldn't help but give a round of applause.

Now let's talk about that caption. 'Home sweet home' is all it takes for Reynolds to sum up his feelings towards Wrexham AFC. It's clear that this team holds a special place in his heart. And with the photo credit going to @gtphotography_1 and @steaddotphotos, we can appreciate the talent behind capturing this epic moment.

So there you have it, folks. Ryan Reynolds showing off his love for Wrexham AFC in the most Ryan Reynolds way possible. With a hilarious photo and a caption that says it all, he's got us all excited for what's to come. Let's hope the team lives up to the hype!

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