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In a recent Instagram post, Bollywood heartthrob Varun Dhawan shared a photo of himself with an intriguing caption that has stirred up quite the controversy. The post, which was uploaded on November 12, 2023, features an image of two people. While the photo itself may seem harmless, it's the accompanying caption that has caught the attention of netizens and sparked a heated debate.

Dhawan's caption reads, 'दिये जलाओ पर लोगों के बीच आग ना लगाओ #happydiwali 🪔💙' (Light the lamps but don't ignite conflicts among people). Now, you might be wondering what could possibly be controversial about such a message of peace and harmony. Well, let's just say that not everyone is convinced of Dhawan's intentions.

The top comments on the post range from playful jabs to outright accusations. User @narendradhanwal humorously suggests that Dhawan should explain this concept to filmmaker Karan Johar. Ouch! Looks like someone isn't a fan of Johar's knack for stirring up controversies. Meanwhile, @kartikgupta_1206 demands that Dhawan delete his '6 days old story.' Talk about holding a grudge!

But it doesn't end there. User @vanshagrawal668 takes things up a notch by accusing Bollywood of spreading propaganda not only during Diwali but also during Eid. They even go as far as calling Dhawan a derogatory term! Yikes! On the other hand, @munna_tripathi13 seems to find the whole situation amusing and mocks Dhawan for escaping the wrath of a group called 'randomsena.'

Lastly, @_kunalrajputt joins the chorus of demands for Dhawan to delete his 'propaganda story on Diwali,' claiming that the news is old and accusing him of spreading propaganda. It seems like Dhawan's well-intentioned post has become a battleground for conflicting opinions and accusations.

While it's unclear whether Dhawan will address these comments or take any action, one thing is for sure: his Diwali post has certainly ignited a firestorm of controversy. Whether you agree with the accusations or find them baseless, it's undeniable that social media can be a breeding ground for heated debates and misunderstandings.

As we navigate through the world of celebrity gossip, it's important to remember that not everything is as it seems. What may appear as a harmless post can quickly escalate into a full-blown controversy. So, let's buckle up and get ready for more drama in the world of Bollywood!

In the meantime, we'll keep an eye out for any updates on this story and see if Varun Dhawan decides to respond to the comments or simply let them fade away like last year's Diwali fireworks.

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