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In a recent Instagram post, Brazilian football sensation Vinicius Jr. expressed his love for the city of Madrid. The post, which featured a photo of Vinicius playing soccer with two other people in a crowded stadium, garnered a lot of attention from fans and fellow players alike.

The caption of the post simply read, 'I love Madrid!!! πŸ€πŸ’Ž', accompanied by a heart and diamond emoji. It's clear that Vinicius has developed a deep affection for the Spanish capital, where he currently plays for Real Madrid.

Among the top comments on the post was one from Vinicius' teammate Eduardo Camavinga, who exclaimed, 'Yeee paiii mulekkk'. It seems that Camavinga shares Vinicius' enthusiasm for their shared club and city. Another comment came from Luka Modric, who added three lightning bolt emojis to show his support for Vinicius' electrifying skills on the field.

But it wasn't just fellow players who chimed in on Vinicius' post. Marcelo, another Real Madrid player and fellow Brazilian, also left a comment saying, 'Voaa πŸ’œ', which roughly translates to 'Fly high'. It's clear that Vinicius has the support of his teammates both on and off the field.

Vinicius Jr., who joined Real Madrid in 2018 at the age of 18, has quickly become one of the rising stars of European football. Known for his lightning-fast speed and skillful dribbling, the young forward has already made a name for himself as one to watch in the sport.

His love for Madrid is evident not only through his Instagram posts but also through his performances on the pitch. Vinicius has consistently shown his dedication and passion for the club, winning over fans with his exciting style of play.

As Vinicius continues to make strides in his career, it's clear that Madrid has become more than just a city to him. It's a place where he feels at home, surrounded by teammates who support and inspire him. And with the love and admiration he receives from fans around the world, Vinicius Jr. is undoubtedly living his dream in Madrid.

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